Sunday, January 4, 2009

thoughts on a road trip...

first, i had plenty of tunes to listen to, thanks to reloading the mp3 player in my phone (ipod what?), about 200 songs, more than enough to get me from point a to point b. plus, i had 60+ miles of this to look at:

miles and miles of woods. no phone signal so no one to talk to. so my mind wanders.
a sampling of the thoughts i thought about:

1. prince is a badass no matter what...he can make singing about purple bananas cool!

2. why is it so hard to get a good self-portrait in the car?

(this was the best out of 15 tries, no joke)

3. what is the point of getting in the middle lane of the interstate and going 60 mph? isn't that what the right lane is for?

4. the gap band's "you dropped a bomb on me" is one of the best car-dancing songs EVER. i dare you to disagree.

5. why the hell don't stores sell nehi peach soda anymore? the last time i found it was in south carolina a few months ago. i should have cleaned out the whole stock. alas...this is what i had to settle for (but at least I paid $1.59 for gas!)

6. why am i even TAKING pictures in the car?

7. should i stop for gas...or keep going for a cheaper station?

(look...the gas light was on and everything. i made it to the above-mentioned holy grail $1.59 gas. go me!)

8. it is impossible to be in a bad mood when you've got such beautiful warm weather to drive in.

9. so what, i'm still a rockstar!

and last but not least,

10. guns'n'roses peaked at the opening riff to sweet child o'mine.

yes, i said it. sorry if the truth hurts. ;)

(the playlist was removed...i tried to re-do it so it wouldn't start automatically but I kept getting an error message. if i get it fixed i'll repost it...)


Donna said...

Great blogging Amy...and PEACH soda! Sounds delish. I'd buy it all too.

amyz said...

spanks, Donna!