Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thanks a freakin' lot, Donna!!!

:grrr: Now I'm hooked.

Pirate, Ninja, or Redneck...

Your result for The Pirate Ninja or Redneck test!...


You are a pirate mate! I should probably write something entertaining and witty here, but I am not feeling any more creative today.

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A Choose Your Own Adventure test! Anyone remember these?

Your result for The Choose Your Own Adventure Test...

Hug for the poor

After the night was over, you had 65% health, $9 left, and were 78% appealing to your date.

While it was a treacherous night on the town, you managed to make the best of it, handing most of the night's situations seamlessly, and your date really appreciated it, just one small problem - You didn't have enough cab fare to make it to your dates home. So it took about a mile of running down the street before you guys could find a payphone and call for help. When you finally got back to their place, they were pretty tired and didn't feel like hanging out much, so they gave you a hug as a thank you before turning in for the night.

Perhaps how much you did or didn't drink or smoke was the difference in not appealing more.

Understanding your scores:

Health: Good, Badly Hurt, Dead.
Money: Enough, Not Enough.
Appeal: Loved, Liked, Indifferent, Disliked.

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Another quiz...

Your result for The Which Lolcat Are You? Test...


Protector of truth.

Slayer of darkness.


Longcat may seem like just a regular lengthy cat, but he is, in fact, looong. For proof, observe the longpic.

It is prophesized that Longcat and his archnemesis Tacgnol will battle for supremacy on Caturday. The outcome will change the face of the world, and indeed the very fabric of lolcatdom, forever.

Be grateful that the test has chosen you, and only you, to have this title.

To see all possible results, checka dis.

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Donna's quiz...

Your result for Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz...

You Are a Katharine!

You are a Katharine -- "I am happy and open to new things"

Katharines are energetic, lively, and optimistic. They want to contribute to the world.

How to Get Along with Me

  • * Give me companionship, affection, and freedom.

  • * Engage with me in stimulating conversation and laughter.

  • * Appreciate my grand visions and listen to my stories.

  • * Don't try to change my style. Accept me the way I am.

  • * Be responsible for youself. I dislike clingy or needy people.

  • * Don't tell me what to do.

What I Like About Being a Katharine

  • * being optimistic and not letting life's troubles get me down

  • * being spontaneous and free-spirited

  • * being outspoken and outrageous. It's part of the fun.

  • * being generous and trying to make the world a better place

  • * having the guts to take risks and to try exciting adventures

  • * having such varied interests and abilities

What's Hard About Being a Katharine

  • * not having enough time to do all the things I want

  • * not completing things I start

  • * not being able to profit from the benefits that come from specializing; not making a commitment to a career

  • * having a tendency to be ungrounded; getting lost in plans or fantasies

  • * feeling confined when I'm in a one-to-one relationship

Katharines as Children Often

  • * are action oriented and adventuresome

  • * drum up excitement

  • * prefer being with other children to being alone

  • * finesse their way around adults

  • * dream of the freedom they'll have when they grow up

Katharines as Parents

  • * are often enthusiastic and generous

  • * want their children to be exposed to many adventures in life

  • * may be too busy with their own activities to be attentive

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Starting Over...

Well, I tried to change my background and somehow jacked up the entire blog and couldn't figure out how to undo it. SO...I deleted the old blog and started a new one. Kind of symbolic, really. I've been feeling crappy for a while, as a result of several personal dramas, none of which I care to discuss at the moment. I've long made it my belief that I shouldn't worry about things I can't control, and for the last few months I've been letting other things control me. Which is very distressing. So I hereby declare NO MORE. NO MORE. NO MORE.

There comes a time when you realize it's time to start fresh and look at things in a new light. So here I am, with a fresh blog and a fresh start in life.

I will probably be working on restoring my blog for the rest of the afternoon, but I'm going to make it better than before. Hopefully I will be too. :)

Have a great day!