Saturday, November 1, 2008


A Choose Your Own Adventure test! Anyone remember these?

Your result for The Choose Your Own Adventure Test...

Hug for the poor

After the night was over, you had 65% health, $9 left, and were 78% appealing to your date.

While it was a treacherous night on the town, you managed to make the best of it, handing most of the night's situations seamlessly, and your date really appreciated it, just one small problem - You didn't have enough cab fare to make it to your dates home. So it took about a mile of running down the street before you guys could find a payphone and call for help. When you finally got back to their place, they were pretty tired and didn't feel like hanging out much, so they gave you a hug as a thank you before turning in for the night.

Perhaps how much you did or didn't drink or smoke was the difference in not appealing more.

Understanding your scores:

Health: Good, Badly Hurt, Dead.
Money: Enough, Not Enough.
Appeal: Loved, Liked, Indifferent, Disliked.

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